Let’s Talk, Liquid Lipsticks.

Kat Von D – Thin formula and dries quickly, clings on to the lips. One of the best formulas that are on the market in my opinion. Kat Von D has been out in the USA on Sephora for a few years now and to start off with I remember they were selling out like hot cakes. I don’t really remember any other brand that sold liquid lipsticks getting as much hype as Kat Von D at that time and for good reason. The cult favourite shade from her line is called Lolita.The formula has been changed twice now for it to be made vegan. I own the latest of the formulation so I cannot compare it to the other two versions, however, it’s still one of the top selling shades in her line. I have shades from the lightest to the darkest in the line, and I have to say the formula stays pretty much consistent. The darker shades need a little extra work however once you get it on it lasts for hours. These are the longest wearing liquid lipsticks I own so that’s a plus, however, what comes with time comes sacrifice. The condition of my lips are good, but not great. I sleep with a lip balm if not a lip mask every night, however now that it’s winter I like to apply balm on during the day. The formula of these are drying but not too much. However, once about 5+ hours has gone by and I can’t handle the feeling, I can pop on a balm and it rejuvenates it. It does become a more creamy consistency however the dryness goes away. Love this line and formula and I am very interested in purchasing more shades. (You can now get Kat Von D products in Debenhams in the Uk.)

Jouer Cosmetics – Thicker consistency than Kat Von D, smoothes over lips. This formula surprises me the most out of my whole collection, as it’s not drying whatsoever for a liquid lipstick. However, due to the fact that they are not very drying, they do not last as long as some of the liquid lipsticks that I own. The colour range is great in this line and when you buy them ( I get mine from Cult Beauty) the swatches of the liquid lipsticks are shown on three different skin shades. This is very helpful if you’re choosing a shade for yourself as well as someone else. Comparing the shade range to Kat Von D you have a lot more neutral shades. There are a lot of pink and reds, and it’s something that just reminds me of a typical lipstick shade range. The Kat Von D range has a lot bolder and out there colours however not a lot of neutral choices when you want something a little more natural. Jouer makes up for this by having a metallic formula, which is just as great as their other liquid lipstick formula. I would have to say that Jouer definitely makes my favourite formula of liquid lipstick, I just wish the packaging was different (by this I mean better). You can get these from one of my favourites sites to shop makeup from and that’s Cult Beauty.

Gerard Cosmetics – I don’t own a lot of liquid lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics, however, I really do like the formula. The formula is thin and opaque and dries quickly. The lasting power is also very great, and you get full pigment in one layer without having to build up the intensity. However I do have a downfall this these, and that’s the fact that they look different online than they do in real life. With the Kat Von D in my opinion what you see is exactly what you get, and as I mentioned with Jouer, they have images of colours swatched on different skin tones. With the Gerard Cosmetic liquid lipsticks, the colours seem a little off to what you see on the screen and that’s a little misleading. Due to this, I don’t reach for them as often as I should. 

Nyx – Nyx have several different liquid to matte lipsticks formulas. They have the Soft Matte Lip Cream, the Nyx Lip Lingerie and then there is the Lip Suede, I have some of the soft matte lip creams and the Nyx lip lingerie. the formula of the Nyx soft matte lip creams are more mosey in texture and they don’t really dry down as they initially apply matte, to begin with. The Nyx Lingerie are more like the newer liquid lipsticks where they apply wet and dry to a matte finish. I really like the Lingerie more for the soft matte lippies due to the longevity. However, I highly recommend both formulas as you can find a variety of shades at an affordable price.

LimeCrime – A controversial topic perhaps, with the company both receiving love and hate, however, I own 7 of their liquid lipsticks and I really like their formula. The formula is very wet and thin and dries in a couple of seconds. I really like their range as they have different colours and traditional ones. I believe they were the first to release a grey toned nude, and they are also cruelty-free which is a major plus for me. I recommend these, however, I would also recommend caution as their site was hacked in the past. Always use PayPal when ordering from indie websites. At least you then have added protection. 

Jeffree Star – Last on my list but these are also great. In his range, you also have some unique colours. His shade Mannequin is my favourite brown nude of all time, it lasts for hours and despite being a light colour it’s not streaky whatsoever. The applicator is also very easy to use and define the lips. Some of his Liquid Lips do have a scent, which I personally am not a fan of. The Liquid Lips  You can get these on and as well as his own website.I am very curious to try out his highlighters.

Just a disclaimer, I have never been sent PR packages and have bought these with my own money. I own other brands of liquid lipsticks however I wanted to narrow it down to a select few to talk about. Which liquid lipsticks from other brands should I give a try next? Any colours specifically? Please don’t forget to comment if you enjoyed this post!

Many Thanks x


8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk, Liquid Lipsticks.

    1. Oh, trust me there is more! I’m thinking of making a collection post soon. Wow really? i have heard great things about them but I don’t have a Body Shop near me to try them out. Any shade that stands out? Thanks for commenting 😀

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    1. I live in the Uk so Wet and Wild isn’t easy to get over here unfortunately. I own a lot more liquid lipsticks from other brands, however, I am interested in trying out more drugstore ones.


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