Jouer Lip Toppers

If you have already read my blog post on my favourite liquid lipstick formulas, you know I love the Jouer Lip Cremes which are their liquid lipstick formula. They go on an airy creamy consistency but dry down to a non-drying matte.

Then they released what they now call a lip topper, which has a gloss consistency with very high impact shimmer running through. They don’t feel chunky on the lips whatsoever, and after your lips has absorbed the coconut oil that they contain the glitter/shimmer particle stay on your lips giving you a really nice sheen. Some people might find these intimidating, however, when you wear them right they look stunning.

I love seeing people who rock the really bold glittery lips as I find them so stunning. I personally can’t wait until they release a full blown ruby red lip topper so I can wear it on a night out. However, I do not wear these on my entire lips, even though they are probably considered as nude shade toppers.

What I personally do is I wear them with a similar tone lipstick/ liquid lipstick and apply the lip topper under my cupids bone and blend downward, and then apply a little on the fullest part of my bottom lip. I find that this is the most subtle and effective way to wear these, but you can obviously apply them all over.

My tip would also be not to apply too much as then it begins to feel heavy and sticky. One layer is enough to pack a punch. As you can see in the photo, the doe foot you get is quite small, so you only need one dip for your lips.

I own the original Skinny Dip Lip Topper, the Rose Gold Edition Lip Topper and I also now on the Limited Edition St Tropez Lip Topper. I saw that it looked a little pinker and nuder so I can wear this more often than I do than the rest.

I love these and let me know if you own any or want to try them! Also, let me know if you would like to see any looks, or talk about any new products. Hope you enjoyed this small post!

Many Thanks x


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