Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette – Review and Swatches.

So, I went to Paris, France. It’s always been one of the places on my bucket list where I’ve wanted to visit. All the bread, all the cheese and all the Art. I would say wine but I am not the big drinker. Whilst I was over the new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette launched, and I was planning on getting it when I was back home.However, when the day came for e to actually step into a Sephora so I could swatch it myself, I decided just to pick it up. I didn’t even swatch it in the store because it was so busy there, but now I will always have a palette that will remind me of that trip.



Let’s talk about the packaging. It’s very comparable to the Naked Smokey which has the very rectangle plastic with design effects, as opposed to the first where it has velvet packaging and the second and third has the tin sort of packaging. It’s heavy for a naked palette, and I think that a lot of effort went into it.

The palette is a warm eyeshadow lovers dream, and I am actually tempted to call this the best naked palette they’ve come out with. I wasn’t crazy about the consistency of the matte shadows in the Ultimate Naked Basics palette which was the last palette that I bought from UD as, although they were super pigmented, they just felt really dry. The shadows in the Heat Palette are very comparable to the formula of their older palettes like the original naked basics and the older naked palettes, where the mattes are super creamy as well as pigmented. This palette has a total of 12 shadows, 8 mattes and 4 shimmers.

The shadows I am most impressed with so far are the shades Ounce, Chaser, Lumbre and Ashes. The shade Ounce reminds me of the Kat Von D shadows in the Alchemist palette where they have a white/transparent base with pearlescent colour pigments. This shade is the peach shade that I wanted from that palette, a white base with peachy orange pearlescent pigments which is perfect as an inner corner and browbone highlight.

The shade Chaser is the perfect matte transition shade. On my skin tone, which is ghostly, its the perfect shade that you can throw in the crease just for a base as you layer other shadows on top to create a defined crease. It was a smart move on their part to add this shade as I can see myself dipping into this shade for every single look I will be creating with this palette.
Lumbre is stunning and the only way I personally would describe it would be that it is a deep rose gold. Deep in the sense that the base isn’t so much pink, but a scarlet pinky red shade, and then it contains gold and bronze shimmers. I always apply my shimmers with a damp brush as you can get a better even application without having to layer up. When I first wore this I applied it all over my lids and my look was hot damn fire.
Ashes is a deep matte aubergine. The reason why I love this shade so much is that I am glad that it wasn’t another black or a dark brown. Layered on tow of other shadows it almost does look black, but because it is purple it doesn’t look so stark compared to the red and it blends beautifully.

I swatched these on my arm with no primer, and the photo is only colour balanced to show you how the colours look in real life. I definitely saw the post on Instagram that showed really bad swatches and I am really shocked in comparing what they posted compared to what I have experienced myself. Everyone was going crazy, and it almost made me not buy it, but I am super happy that I did. I own UD Naked 2 + 3, Naked Smokey, Ultimate Naked basics and Naked Basics 1 and I think this is the best one, and I highly recommend.

Hope you enjoyed my post and let me know if you guys want to see looks with this palette, which I am planning on doing, but if I know that someone wants to see it I will try and make even most looks and post sooner. Plus did I mention this is a MUST palette if you have green eyes? Or eyes in general?
Some Sites where you can get it:-
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