About Me

Hi, my name is Ceri.

My name might seem a little odd, but it’s actually pronounced like Kerry, it’s just spelt the welsh way, which is where I am from. I am currently at this point in time 24. Thank God for the internet am I right? Who knows where any of us be without it. I know I personally would be a zombie living day to day life not knowing what was going on anywhere else if it wasn’t for the internet. I wouldn’tΒ find out what the latest hot new products were, what the trends are and most importantly, I wouldn’tΒ be able to share my opinion with anyone apart from my poor friends who have to listen to my ramblings. Hopefully, this blog can be my place for a mind dump whenever I create something and need to show it, or when I add a new palette to my collection. I’m looking forward to share my opinions with you.

Thanks for reading x