Kat Von D Alchemist Palette Review.


After months of waiting, I finally have this in my hands. I have been wanting the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette ever since I saw her very first sketches on her Instagram. It has been available in the US since before Christmas and it finally became available in the Uk on the 2nd of May. I had it marked on my calendar but I completely forgot until the 3rd and it was already sold out. A couple of weeks later, however, it became back in stock and I bought it straight away, along with two of her new everlasting liquid lipstick shades, Ophelia and Ludwig.


It states on the Debenhams website that she has been working on the formula for years. From what I can tell this is unlike anything that I know. They are nothing like an ordinary highlight. The shades have a transparent base, however, when the light shines at the swatches the pigmented pearl-like sheen, shows off the colour. This is why it’s perfect for your eyes, face and lips as it doesn’t apply straight up colour, hiding whatever’s underneath, only amplifies it. The only con I would have to say is that yes the product is small and the powder is a little powdery, which means that you possibly waste product. I personally think that the price is very reasonable for the quality that you get.


These are the four shades just swatched with a finger, on bare skin, facing natural sunlight.

First is the Emerald shade which really does transform depending on what you layer it with. I have experimented with this shade on top of a white base, brown base and even a deep orange and it just makes the look pop. On the white shaded it only shows as a pastel green sheen, however on other shades it completely transforms the look.

The Saphire shade is the least pigmented of the lot, but it’s still beautiful when built up. My favourite way to wear it is on the inner corner when you are just wearing a basic eye.

The Ultraviolet shade is by far the most pigmented and reflective out of the whole lot. For those who think its purple, I’d say that it is very true to the name and is more of a purple-tinted blue. It really does make a statement doesn’t matter which colour base you use.

Opal is the shade I think is the most versatile, as I don’t think that I’ll be wearing a green highlight anytime soon. I have worn this as a blush topper as well as on the eyes with a rose gold look.

Worn with Kat Von D Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette.

For the swatches, I just made a basic smokey eye, with black all over the lid. I applied the Alchemist shades with a flat synthetic brush. I honestly can’t wait to play more with this palette as the possibilities are endless. I’m so happy that I finally have this in my collection. I’m hoping to post more looks when I have made some blog-worthy ones.
Do you have this palette, if so what do you think and what’s your favourite way to use it? Please comment and tell me what you think about my post and what would you like to see next? 
Many Thanks x


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